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A small change in your routine can make a big difference in your fitness level. A healthy lifestyle is the only medicine that can prevent and heal heart disease. We will find that if we begin to make small changes in our lifestyle, we will no longer need to take the deadly medications we’re on, which are causing heart disease, diabetes, and kidney failure, as well as most cancers. 

What should you not eat?

● Refined oils are inflammatory, which can potentially contribute to heart attacks. Because oil is something we use every day, it is better to avoid them and replace it with wood/cold-pressed oils.

● Fast food and ultra-processed foods like french fries, Vada pav, pizza, etc. consumed regularly can also contribute to heart diseases

● Sugar and simple carbohydrates like pastries, donuts, etc. can spike your blood sugar levels and increase heart attack risk.

● Apart from food, lack of physical activity, chronic stress, and lack of sleep can also negatively affect your heart health. 

What should you eat?

There is always an emphasis on the importance of deep cellular nutrition, exercise, adequate sleep, and emotional detox to maintain a healthy heart and overall healthy lifestyle. Besides, here are a few do’s which you can easily include in your diet:

● Start your meal with Salad/vegies – carrot, beat, cucumber, tomato, onion etc.

● Include millets like jowar, ragi, bajra, corn and barnyard millet which contain highly nutritious proteins, minerals, and vitamins and are rich in fiber.

● Consume fatty fish or take quality omega-3 supplements. The omega-3 fatty acids in fatty fish and fish oil may help reduce blood pressure, triglycerides, and cholesterol. Alternatively, you can also include a minimum of 2 walnuts in your day. Several studies suggest that walnuts may reduce cholesterol and blood pressure and decrease heart disease risk.

● Dark chocolate is high in antioxidants like flavonoids. It reduces the risk of developing calcified plaque in the arteries. It is also rich in magnesium, which can help relax the heart muscles.

● Cold pressed / wood pressed coconut oil as it is anti-inflammatory in nature, and rich in nutrients that support heart health

● Include any seasonal fruit as part of your routine.

Final word: Drastic Dieting or change won’t work unless it’s a sustainable efforts that build up slowly as a habit and you would start loving it as you progress further. So, Adapt it slowly & gradually to build a better version of yourself.

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Contributed by: Article by Luke Coutinho, Co – Founder YouCare Lifestyle

Image by KamranAydinov on Freepik