Half Marathon Training Plan

1Rest4.5 km run30 min cross4.5 km runRest30 min cross6 km run
2Rest4.8 km run30 min cross4.8 km runRest30 min cross6.4 km run
3Rest6 km run35 min cross6 km runRest/Strength40 min cross8 km run
4Rest5.2 km run35 min cross5.2 km runRest/Strength40 min cross6 km run
5Rest6.4 km run40 min cross6.4 km runRest/Strength40 min cross10 km run
6Rest6.4 km run40 min cross5.4 km runRest or easy runRest5-K Race
7Rest4.8 km run45 min cross7.3 km runRest/Strength50 min cross11.3 km run
8Rest7 km run35 min cross8 km runRest/Strength50 min cross12.9 km run
9Rest7 km run35 min cross6 km runRest or easy runRest10-K Race
10Rest6 km run40 min cross8 km runRest/Strength60 min cross16 km run
11Rest6 km run40 min cross5 km runRest/Strength60 min cross8 km run
12Rest5 km run45 min cross3.2 km runRest/StrengthRestHalf Marathon

Note – Strength Training needs to be done 3 times per week.

Cross-Training includes cycling, swimming, yoga, walking, elliptical etc.
Strength Training covers – bodyweight workouts: squats (single/double legs) variants, lunges, push-ups, burpees, glute bridge, plank, crunches, leg raise, toe touch etc.
Intervals/Hill Training/Tempo Runs – can be added as variety in the program based on the individual’s fitness level & recovery status.
**The above training schedule is only a guide. If necessary, you can make minor modifications as per your work schedule. You can also include run/walk strategy if you’re new to the running, until you become strong & able to do the continuous running without a walk.