Runner’s Insight – Shanabhai Padhiyar

Runner’s Introduction – Basic Profile

My name is Shanabhai Padhiyar & I am currently living in Baroda. I had worked as Operator in Petrofils Cooperative Limited and currently retired.

Q: How you have started running/cycling & your milestones so far?

I have participated in few short events -100m/200m during school time, but never thought that Running will become part of my lifelong habit. I was using the bicycle as a mode of transportation for my school as well as my workplace. After marriage, If i remember, it was around 1974 there was a 5k Run organized in Padra and somehow, i have participated in it & turned out as a winner in that race. This has spark up my running career. I was running short distances whenever i get a chance to do it after relocating to Baroda city.
I have moved to longer distances from Sabarmati Marathon at Ahmedabad & Tata Mumbai Marathon by participating in Full Marathon and turned out winner in most of the races that i have participated. I have done most of my races as barefoot.

Personal Best :
5k – 18:30 mins
10k – 41:00 mins
HM- 1:34 hrs
FM – 3:37 hrs

1. 2 Gold, 3 Silver & 2 bronze Medals at State level Swimming – in Khel Mahakumbh.
2. Winner in 5000 mt Run in 2008 and 10k (third) & 300 mtr hurdles (second) in 2018 at Malaysia.
3. 2nd Position at Tata Mumbai Marathon – Full marathon in 2017, 2018.
4. Winner in Half Marathon in 2016, third in Full marathon at Vadodara Marathon 2017.
5. 30+ podium finish medals at various running events at National level.
6. Cycling expedition : 2010- Mumbai to Delhi, 2013 – Baroda to Wagha Border, 2018 – Ahmedabad to Dandi.

Q: What motivates you to do it regularly? 

My family & friends

Q: Your current Training schedule in a week?

My training schedule depends on season. I usually do swimming in summer & in winter, during marathon season, interval repeats, long runs are added in for the mileage. I usually do my daily commute via cycle, so that covers cycling & helps to stay me active through out the day. Important thing is to listen to your body and execute the workout as per the feel & the target race. Apart from this, Stretching & strength training is part of my daily routine.

Q: Any advice for new runners ?

Play whatever games you like but add Running to your training schedule as it’s the foundation of all sports. Start with small distances and be in a group/active team that inspires you to do it regularly.

Q: your Motto/Tagline ?

Run for the Fit & Healthy Life.