Personalized Training Plan

Dear Runner,

I’m thrilled to introduce our Personalized Training Program! With nearly a decade of running experience and four years of impacting the running community through Run&Ride2Fit events, I’ve seen countless lives transformed by the sheer power of running. My journey into fitness began in 2015, and since then, running has not only become my passion but also my purpose – to inspire and empower others to unleash their full potential.

My mission is clear: to provide you with the knowledge and motivation necessary to conquer your running goals. It’s not just about logging miles or hitting split times; it’s about a holistic approach encompassing training, nutrition, strength, conditioning, recovery, and mindset.

So why wait? Whether you’re aiming for your first 5K, a marathon, or simply seeking to reignite your passion for running, let’s embark on this transformative journey together.

Connect with me:
WhatsApp: 9408807065
DM on FB/Insta: @runride2fit

– Pragnesh Patel,
Founder & Coach at Run&Ride2Fit