Runner’s Insight – Sushila Singh

Runner’s Introduction – Basic Profile

A Doctor by Profession and a sportsman by heart myself Dr. Sushila Singh ; with a long career at Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai, and at  Ahmedabad, further to serve at  Railways, Baroda, and now I am serving at my own clinic. 

Q: How you have started running/cycling & your milestones so far?

On one fine morning, me and my husband spotted an advertisement during our morning walk and it was for the first ever marathon organized by Standard Chartered Bank. So, the idea sparked up about running & we both participated in 7k Fun Run to see how it feels & by that, able to stay active in our life. Somehow, I was able to finish 7 km Run without any practice in SCMM which started way back in 2004, and that motivated me to continue my running. I never had a formal training for this sport. I enjoy being a runner.

Since then, participating in Mumbai Half/Full marathons is a ritual for me and been there every year. I have participated in many marathons in different cities because of frequent relocations. I am lucky to have a husband who is also an ultra-runner so, we both inspire each other & motivate in these 18 years of togetherness with some fantastic races, training runs at different places. Injuries are part & parcel of any sports, but to come out of it, requires lot of mental strength & positive attitude, which I draw from my running group, friends & family.

Running to me is meditation as I am with my own self. It fills me with a sense of being healthy and vibrant both mentally and spiritually and boosts my mood instantly. I would like to encourage people to run as it is a simple exercise which does not require any special equipment, and anybody can do it anywhere with little practice. It is good for overall mental, physical and spiritual health. A STRESS BUSTER!

Personal Best :
Full Marathon- 4:21:19
Half Marathon- 1:54:16
10k-  00:55:05
Total of approx. 30,000+ km in Running & Cycling.

Q: What motivates you to do it regularly? 

I love running. It is moving meditation for me, which rejuvenates me for the day. I love the company of other runners/ cyclists /fitness enthusiasts with no age, gender, post differentiation.

Q: Your current Training schedule in a week?

I try my best to be consistent with 3days running, 1day yoga ,1day cycling, and strength training 2 to 3 times a week. 1 day rest is a must.

Q: Any advice for new runners ?

Always remember that you are your own competitor. I run for happiness and to keep myself fit. However, if anyone wishes to do a competitive running or take up athletics as his/her career then they should definitely go for a formal training.
But one should never forget the happiness which this sport brings to us and along with that it also brings good friends and acquaintances and memories one can cherish for life time. 

Q: your Motto/Tagline ?

Be consistent in whatever you do and Listen to your body .