Runner’s Insight – Vijay Shaiva

Runner’s Introduction – Basic Profile

Vijay Shaiva – Born and brought up in Baroda, an Electrical Engineer and working as a Maintenance Manager at the IndianOil Corporation Gujarat Refinery.

Q: How you have started running/cycling & your milestones so far?

My journey into running and cycling began in 2019, driven by a growing awareness of the importance of my own health. The need to maintain a healthy lifestyle pushed me to embark on this path. To mark this milestone, I ran my first 10 kilometers in the Vadodara marathon and successfully completed it. Since then, I’ve covered a distance of 11,082 km to date through my running endeavors. I’ve been participating in HDOR for the last 4 years, completing numerous quarters and half marathons. The miles I’ve conquered stand as a testament to my dedication and hard work.
In terms of achievements, my running records are a source of pride. I’ve completed 348 half marathons to date, with my longest run covering 100 kilometers. Notably, I’ve secured podium finishes in two races in 2023. However, I believe health is the primary goal; the rest are byproducts of it. Switching gears to cycling, I’ve covered total of 16,977 km, with my longest single ride spanning 597 km in a BRM event.
To give you a visual glimpse of my journey, I’ve compiled a collage of photos capturing my running and cycling activities. Each image encapsulates the sweat, joy, and determination that I bring to every stride and pedal.

Q: What motivates you to do it regularly? 

My motivation to keep going comes from the passion to stay healthy and experience the overall sense of wellness that running brings.
Continuing my journey, the challenges I faced not only pushed me to my limits but also gave me the confidence to overcome obstacles. This newfound resilience has not only transformed my own life but also inspired me to create a healthy and cohesive team, Team INDIANOIL RHINOS, which presently consists of 200 members. Recognizing the value of collaboration, I realized that together, we could achieve remarkable feats. With this newfound purpose, I set out to build a team that shares the same values and passion for growth.
I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to my loving family for their unwavering support throughout my journey into running and cycling. Your encouragement has been my driving force, and I am truly blessed to have you by my side.
A special note of thanks goes to my incredible wife, whose constant belief in me and unending support have been the pillars of my success. Your presence has made every step and every pedal worth it, and I couldn’t have asked for a better partner on this incredible journey of health and self-discovery. Thank you for being my rock and my biggest cheerleader.

Q: Your current Training schedule in a week?

My weekly training schedule is a mix of various types of runs. I incorporate four days of slow runs, one day of a long run, one day of zone running, and one well-deserved rest day. This balanced routine keeps me engaged and helps prevent burnout.

Q: Any advice for new runners ?

For those new to the world of running and cycling, my advice is to push your limits and remember that there’s no time like the present. The idea of “tomorrow” can often become a hurdle, so seize the moment and challenge yourself.

Q: your Motto/Tagline ?

My motto is what my father used to say, केल्याने होत आहे, आधी केलेचि पाहिजे( “Where there is a will, there is a way,”) reflects the determination I carry with me every step of the way.
As I continue to explore the world of endurance sports, I’m reminded that this journey is not just about the distances covered, but also about the lessons learned, the strength gained, and the joy found in the pursuit of personal challenges.”